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Caroline Linhart, PhD
Post-doctoral Researcher
Biologist and Environmental Epidemiologist
Founder of Environmental Science & Research Consulting
My interdisciplinary research focuses on conducting environmental exposure studies that provide tools to advance scientific knowledge and improve public health and environmental policy. My expertise has evolved from ecology and its fieldwork to statistics, programming, epidemiology and finally toxicology to gain a comprehensive understanding of the biological mechanisms and risks associated with various human and environmental exposures.
Most of my projects focus on the previously unrecognised consequences of environmental pollution. The aim of my work is to identify and characterise environmental contaminants whose fate is still poorly understood, but whose presence is potentially harmful to human health and the biosphere.
Disciplines: Ecology, Limnology, Statistics, Epidemiology, Environmental Epidemiology, Environmental Science, Toxicology, Public Health, Bioinformatics, Endocrinology, Chemical Risk assessment.
Skills and expertise: Biostatistics, Multivariate Statistics, Mixed Effect Modeling, Data Analysis, Environmental Health, Environmental Pollution, Endocrine Disruption, Biochemistry, Chemical Risk Assessment, Estrogens, Molecular Biology, Microscopy, Taxonomy of Macrozoobenthos and Algae, Water Chemistry.

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